Google has just released developer preview of a new version of android which is rumoured to be named as Android Oreo. This version is a successor of android family after Android 7.0 which was named Nougat. This Time android 8.0 will be named Oreo and there are a lot of features packed in this version which will make your android smart phone more smarter.

Android oreo
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Google just released their new version of android to developers which is also known as developer preview. The preview hasn’t offered much to confirm the features but have already tickled the interests of Android fanbois as to what will Google name Android O.

As we have seen all the previous version of google were named after a sweet like cupcake, kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat etc so this time it will not be called omelette. However Google always manages to surprise us.

Recalling from previous versions people rumoured that it will be called as Android Nutella but it was named Android Nougat. This time there is very less chances that india will be named after an Indian Sweet Dish.
If not Oreo, the guys at Google will really have to think hard for a sweet name of Android O. Here are four other possible names of Android O (or version 8.0) which Google might consider.

  1. Android Orange
  2. Android Orellete
  3. Android Oregano
  4. Android Oatmeal Cookie


Some Rumoured Features of Android Oreo

A rumored feature would come straight from Apple the ability to tap on an address in a message and open Maps automatically and point you to that location. This functionality has existed on Apple’s iOS for years, so it’s about time Android got it too. Unfortunately, the source couldn’t confirm or deny if the Google Maps links would work on third-party messaging apps.
Finally, the source claims that finger gestures could be included in Android 8.0. One of the gesture commands would allow users to draw the letter “C” on their display to bring up their contacts. The source says that the gestures could be delayed or scrapped altogether, so don’t hold your breath for that one.


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