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Android is a platform where you can do anything you want and can use any launcher you want to use on your android and it is helpful for you when you dont want your homescreen how it looks and how its user interface is. So with android launchers you can change the user interface of your home screen and can set it up according to you own needs and Lets have a look at the best launchers of 2017 as of 2017’s list google now launcher has closed its doors and it wont be available on google play store now.

 Top 10 best launchers :

Nova Launcher

[Price: Free ]

The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen
Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout.

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icons, layouts, animations and more. It is also having a pro pack which you can download from google play store once you buy that pro unlocker you will be able to enjoy all the features of nova launcher and trust me that really worth it i tried it myself.

Download Nova Launcher

Apex Launcher

[Price : Free ]

Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Android (4.0+) device. This is preferred by people who want simple ui with great features.


There are upto 9 homescreen options in this app so people who use tonnes of apps like me i have almost 200+ app installed on my android device because yes we are tech geeks we use the cent percent of our device and if you are like me trust me or the developer of this app download it.

Download Apex Launcher

Go Launcher

[Price : Free ] GO Launcher is a stylish, smart, slim & personalized application for your Android phone. That’s upgraded version of “GO Launcher EX”. A new flat interface design with interactive control experience, enhance the performance and efficiency significantly, insert more awesome and useful features to get the users closer, say goodbye to the past and previous apps.

This launcher has hide app facility for those who want to hide their apps from other and also having 17 different transition effects to really customize your android device. Go dev team is not limited to this launcher they also have go messaging, go keyboard, wallpaper app etc download the whole pack from play store and enjoy your go experience.

Download Go Launcher

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

 [Price : Free ]

 Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite shows you how 3D dynamic effects and highly customizable home screen replacement app could redefine your Android device – Extend imagination.
Want the best transition effects? Extend the imagination of customizing your device with one of the best launchers – the next launcher it is having highly customizable settings etc best one if you love transition that too in 3rd Dimension. You can buy next launcher premium from google play aswell it will unlock more features of your launcher and it will help you in customising your android more and making it look different from other’s android
Download Next Launcher Lite

CM Launcher 3D-Theme,Wallpaper

[Price : Free]

CM Launcher 3D, the world 1st launcher powered by 3D engine, is redefining android desktop! It will bring your phone lighting speed, stunning 3D transition effects, and customized operation on your phone. With smooth experience, your phone will feel like new!

This launcher is powered by a 3D engine and it provides 3d effects that too very fast and because of it you can use your device very fast with 3d effects aswell. This is the reason why it is in best launchers’ list. This launcher is owned by cheetah mobile who is famous for cm cleaner and you may have heared about it so give this app a try its by one of the famous developers on google play.

Download CM Launcher

Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper

[Price : Free]

Hola Launcher (Theme & Wallpaper) A simple yet powerful launcher for your phone! All-in-one speed booster, battery saver, charging protector and app manager to keep your phone running its best!

This launcher contains hola boost which is good for you if you are a heavy user and use a lot of ram so incase your ram is not free you can free it up with this launcher and also if you play games a lot which are very heavy you can use hola boost to boost them up. Hola boost is necessary for you if you have a old phone because they have low ram and the games which are comig out now need more ram so you can use hola boost to boostup game before starting.

Download Hola Launcher

ZenUI Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper

[Price : Free]

Customize your launcher the way you want it to be: apply your favorite (and free!) themes, wallpapers and widgets, change app icons, apply scroll effects or transitions, or organize your apps in folders. Secure your apps from prying eyes with integrated app locking features.

Love Asus smartphone’s UI? Thinking of buying zenfone just because you love the UI? Dont because ZenUI launcher is here and available for all for free of cost. ZenUI is one of the most popular UI and asus also published more apps related to zenfone’s ui so if you love this launcher give those apps a try aswell

Download ZenUI Launcher

C Launcher: Themes Wallpapers

[Price : Free] With featuring and friendly interface, minimal battery consumption, speedy mobile searches, it protects your privacy from third parties and offering the ultimate personalized DIY experience & personalization for android by delivering the best free themes and wallpapers every day! All this makes it different from the other app launchers for Android!

Always keep thinking of low battery life? Ever thought it is because of the launcher you use? It is! But dont worry C launcher can save your device’s battery life and use your apps and play games a little more or a lot more with this launcher.

Download C Launcher

Evie Launcher

[Price : Free]

With featuring Advance search which lets you Search inside all of your apps in one place. Find contacts, restaurants, movies, TV shows, musicians and more. This option is very helpful for those who need to search for something in a particular but find it difficult to do it.


The performance on this launcher is outstanding you will start loving this by experiencing the best optimized launcher on google play once you download this. If you have a old phone with low specs you can use this launcher to avoid lag in your phone while launching an application because it is a very light launcher and a optimized one

Download Evie Launcher

Arrow Launcher

[Price : Free]

Productivity meets style. Arrow is the personal launcher from Microsoft Garage that offers a radical simplification of the Android experience. Arrow is lightweight, fast and efficient. With Arrow, you can personalize your device so that it matches your style. Customize icon packs, home page layouts, wallpapers, and more. With the Bing wallpaper of the day feature, you will have a fresh new look every day.

One of the best launchers which is battery saving, efficient and light launcher for you developed by Microsoft Corporation and is probably the best one if you are searching for light launchers for your android device. If you love good ui you can give this a try and also try their other apps like lockscreen etc.

Download Arrow Launcher

Which is your favorite best launchers for your android device? If we missed any launchers that you think should be in this list let us know about them in the comments below!


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