YouTube has always been an ultimate source of streaming latest videos and movies.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most preferred apps or sites as compared to its alternatives.

The only problem faced by people related to YouTube is the downloading of video.

It is not yet provided with that feature through which you can easily download the videos and store them in your device.

However, you can save the video to watch it later offline, but it will not be stored in your device.

In this context, there are innumerable sources which promise to provide the solution for this.

But with this software, we have also seen that quality of video gets altered after downloading.

Not all these software allows you to download the video quality of your choice.

Hence, we are here with some of the Best YouTube Video Downloader.

All these YouTube Video Downloader make sure that it works great with your Android as well as other devices.

So take a look!


This is highly recommended for people who are looking for a YouTube video downloader that works 100%. Not just YouTube, but this app comes with a video downloading feature for about 25 different sources like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


  • This app is absolutely free of cost and involves no extra subscription charge

  • It has an in-built video locker for all your confidential videos that you want to keep protected

  • This app is extremely easy to use because of its simple user interface

  • One can choose any video format before downloading as per their device’s support

  • You can get notifications from time to time regarding the update of the software  

  • It provides background downloading feature through which you can download videos alongside doing other tasks on your device


It is one of the most popular YouTube video downloader in the market place. This app allows you to download any video of HD quality at high speed.


  • It supports different formats for downloading video on your device

  • You can select desired location for storing the video

  • You are allowed to customize the theme of this app

  • The download procedure can be paused and resumed

  • It has user friendly and simple interface

  • In-built video player for watching comfortably

  • Supports background downloading of videos

  • Tubemate for pc is also available to download

YouTube Downloader

This is also one of the most popular YouTube videos downloader. You can download all the videos quickly by straight away using this one app.


  • It has in-built video player for watching the videos within the app

  • One can convert the video in different formats for downloading it.

  • With the help of this app, videos can be directly downloaded from official YouTube app.


This is also one of those free YouTube video downloader software which is recommended in the market. You can easily watch the video through this app and also download it for watching when offline.

  • You can download multiple files at the same time

  • One of the fastest video downloading app

  • Videos can be downloaded in different formats

  • It can also be used for converting video files

  • You can pause and resume the video downloading procedure

  • Your favorite videos can be saved in your YouTube account


This app is also one of the highly recommended YouTube video downloader for all those who feel troubled because of not having the download feature on YouTube. Given below are its wonderful features.


  • Exclusively made for downloading YouTube videos

  • You can watch YouTube videos on this app without any buffering

  • With 3G, 4G, and Edge internet, you can use this app comfortably

  • It has an in-built notification feature which keeps you updated with its updates or latest features


It is also one of the popular YouTube video downloader which comes loaded with features that will amaze you. Apart from downloading videos, you can also do many things with the help of this app. Given below are its mind blowing features.


  • This app allows you to download YouTube videos, directly from the official YouTube app.

  • Apart from that, you can watch live television shows using this one software

  • It automatically detects the video to download for you

  • You can download videos from any resource link

After analyzing all the YouTube video downloader software, we can conclude that all these apps are completely reliable. Anyone who wishes to download YouTube video on their device can pick from the above mentioned options as per their choice and requirement. Despite having limitations on YouTube for downloading the video on your device, there are many amazing software available for this purpose. Therefore, install it on your device and enjoy watching YouTube videos. 


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