The social networking platform combined with the smartphone can do wonders, and that’s what BonkLive is all about, where you can broadcast live and earn a few bucks in return. With the world investing into the broadcasting and streaming sites and services which is a fantastic platform that is changing the course of business. People have the opportunity to make thousands to million-dollar business on these platforms.

They have hired some best engineers for their newest API and AR to make BonkLive as number one in streaming and broadcasting industry. Moreover they will be offering 3D gifts to its users unlike any other companies.

BonkLive App

There are thousands of applications on streaming and live broadcast but none of them as effective as BonkLive. The bonklive has gathered a group of best engineers and programmers to give you useful results on both functions and revenue.

Best Part : Boink Live Streaming SRL earns its money in a tax-free zone of Dubai so there is no income tax to the company.

What’s in it for Viewers?

If you are someone who prefers to try something every time you go online, then you now have an app that lets you watch different live streams where anything can happen. Unlike, other recorded and edited videos on social media or video platform, you will be able to watch everything online without any issues.

As we know that there are more fun and content on the live broadcast than the recorded then editing videos. A lot of juice in the edited version will be taken off and most of those parts, what’s is fun in that !

With BonkLive, you don’t have any option to record and then edit. When you go online, you will be able to see streamers who are living doing their own thing, which is more fun to watch.

There are plenty of things you can do to get noticed by your favorite streamer. The BonkLive plans to become the next big thing in streaming and broadcasting.

  • You can share the stream on social media.
  • You can comment, and they will get noticed.

What’s in it for Broadcasters?

Where there is an opportunity that is where you should be, there are plenty of people who are incredibly talented and have unique skills that nobody has it. Unfortunately, the world is so big that getting an opportunity in the big screen is quite difficult.

You may not be able to show your true skills on a big screen, but the Internet platform is much larger than the so-called big screens. You as a creator will be able to expose your content to millions of people using BonkLive.

Let me tell you this, BonkLive is growing every day, but as of now, the competition is meagre. Currently, the stage of the app is similar to the Facebook in its initial days.

There is a tab called “New” where every new streamer will get a chance to appear on it. In simple words, you get free-promotion right from the beginning, which is an opportunity to grow faster.

  • Add a relevant and compelling Title.
  • Add your country.
  • Select a relevant category.
  • Go Live

These very steps will give you an opportunity to shine on BonkLive.

How to Earn from Streaming?

The viewers can send you 3D virtual gift, which is the best and improved technology in the history of Live broadcasting. Later on, you can convert those virtual gifts into real money as the viewers have paid to buy those gold. Every country has a different system of 

One of the interesting parts of the revenues is that you don’t have to pay taxes to the income department unless you have more than $14,000 in Dubai. As every country has regulations, your earnings will be transferred to your account. Few countries charge tax and service fees, and you will get earnings after deduction. 


BonkLive Streaming is a fastest growing service in many countries, and you can become part of it. By the end of a year, the company estimates to become the best Android and iOS app in Broadcasting and Streaming. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.


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