In the world 170 million people are having laptops and over 1 billion people are having their own smartphones most of which have a camera installed on the screen. We do everything on our smart phone we sign our mails we send SMS access of a private thingsand many other things on smartphones.  Now imagine someone is not not only seeing what you access in your device but also watching while you did it. As it turns out it happens more offer than you think more often than you think. So how hackable your life is?

How hackable is your life
More than one lakh New viruses and threats come every day 73 percent of all Americans have fallen victim to a form of cyber crime and there is a 69% chance that you could be hacked in your lifetime.

How to protect yourself from hacking

Avoid spam

Avoid mails from unknown senders that you don’t know because this is a most common way for hackers to install viruses in your system.


Always use a VPN

Connecting to the internet always opens you up to hacking, from vulnerabilities of WiFi to phishing domains. A VPN app on your device would stop that by encrypting your connection.

Use real websites

Don’t access your frequently used  websites from emails or from another source. Type the URL manually because some hackers create a fake domain and they can create phishing site on that domain and can save your details when you enter it there.

Change your passwords

Create different passwords  for important accounts because it takes only few minutes hardly 10 minutes to crack a 6 digit lower pass code.

Disable remember your computer feature 

Hackers can spoof your IPv4 address can you one use malwares is to hijack your computer this way they can login to all accounts you have on different different websites.

Be cautious of mobile downloads 

Many mobile infiltrations result from downloading a malicious game or application.

Use secure payment websites 

Dont enter your credit card info from your wallet! Use secured payment websites for online transactions or you will be carded.

Close your laptop

This will prevent hackers from watching you every time and also put a tape on your web camera at all times unless you are using it.

Update software

The most atrisk computers are running softwares which has not been updated and without updating anti virus software is installed.

Points of entry


Your social media

Hackers will create what looks like an official facebook account and it will prompt you to click on a link to comment and plant the virus in your device

Your skype account

Hackers will find you location by conducting a masked call with you and disabling notification so that they can use your ip address  and they can track your movement in the city by a number of masked calls

Your webcam

Hackers will use spam emails with a form of malware  called RAT or Remotely Access Trojan which tricks in visiting a specific webpage which grants them webcam access.

Your smartphone 

Hackers will create apps that installs malware when downloaded. Your phome then receives hidden messages that can grant access to your phone’s camera

 The scariest app out there

A new app shows how hackers can hack your phone’s camera and beam enough images of your home to collect all your personal information (mail with your address on it, financial documents etc)

Use Cloud backup:
Like it or not, creating a backup of your data is not luxury, but a necessity. You do this, and get rid of all those worries of ‘what would happen if you lose your phone.’ Plus utilizing the cloud means you are consuming less of your smartphone’s internal capacity and thus improving its overall performance. Getting hacked is common, but doing something about is very rare. For example, majority of the users who get hacked face serious consequences as they hadn’t created a backup.Hence, it is recommended to create a backup of your cloud account to at least find peace knowing your data can be recovered even if you your system gets hacked. However, if you are a security conscious user, don’t sweat. Along with cloud backup, you can avail the features of Cloud Secure( where password protection is enabled to access data. But if your data isn’t that confidential, carry on without any third party software.

What they can do with it?

There is a 156day average time between which a compter a phone or a device is compromised and the timer of its detected and it is enough for an hacker to collect all your personal information with it. So what they can do with it?

How hackable your life is

Wipe out everything you own.

They can access all your data and accounts when they hack your computer and can wipe it out and cloud based data makes it very easy for them in doing so

Hackers watch dozens of girls through facecam

Hackers can access webcam through any of the things i mentioned above and can take your nude pictures or your other pictures and can upload it on your facebook or instagram account.

Stalk your family and threaten death

A hackablen cell phone which was hacked is obtained through a malicious Myspace link allowed one hacker to harass and stalk one’s family. Threating dead pets, slit throats and school shooting. The hacker programmed the calls to come from their own phones.


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