Blogging is an art and a passion too. It helped a lot of people on the internet to make money online, simply just by following their passion. The best thing about blogging is when start having regular visitors, the success of that blog is guaranteed. You are sharing something which you love to talk about and the like minded people are there to appreciate your views on that topic or sub-topic. A successful blogger enjoys a lot of perks, but when it comes to amateurs, the competition is tough. This blog post is dedicated to all those blog owners who are looking for the best ways To Get Organic Traffic from Search Engine to Your Blog.

1. Write more but DO NOT compromise with the quality:

Original and Genuine content has helped a lot of people out there. By original, we mean no plagiarized content which can be inspired from other websites or blogs. You can hope for the best results only when you are giving your users quality content on a regular basis. If you are kind of busy to write regularly then there is a suggestion of hiring a freelancer to work for you.  You all need to try Contentmart and we are pretty sure that you will love it. Hundreds of experienced and talented blog writers are available to work for you at your price range.

2. Use social media for quick Promotions

Social media lovers are the audience which can make your content viral in seconds. And for a viral and popular content, you need to invest your time and money on social media too. As social media platforms are free, but your success story depends on the way you inspired your existing users to visit your website. It also helps to generate organic traffic with a little effort.  Just go with the best possible content for your users under your niche and for that  Contentmart could be the best place to find your kind of blog writer.

3. Choose better titles

It is possible that you are not only writing about a specific topic or sub topic hence you need an edge. You need to communicate with your audience and to gain the chances of maximum hits you must be there with best possible titles. It has always been said that “Don’t judge a book  from its cover” but in the online world the more interesting the cover is, the more chances you have to gain attention from new users. Select your titles wisely and execute them with a sense of perfection.

4. Know your niche

When you just started writing and posting something it matters how much you know about your subject. Whether it is a regular tech blog or may a science experiment website, you need to have the clear idea about the niche. Choose the freelancers who have already written on such topics and their sample writings will help you come up with a decision. At Contentmart, it is easy to find the right person for your blog writing with a little effort. When you have a lot of things to do, then, let your hired freelancers come up with an amazing post.

5. Include photos & media content in your blogs

Time has changed and people love to consume media in any form. When you are posting a blog on your web page, do mind to add media files, pictures, GIF’s etc. to make it cooler and interesting too.  A thousand word content with no pictures in less effective than a blog of five hundred words having great quality pictures related to the topics.  Hence, add them by yourself or ask for a little help from your writer.

6. Keywords are necessary too

According to our research, a healthy use of Keywords in your blog post is always good for you. Here some conditions are applied. Don’t over use Keywords and maintain the Keyword density according to the length of content. Use of long tail keywords is always appreciated and it helps you to promote your brand and services too. Hence, it is a nice way to impress your audience as well as the search engines which will result in better organic traffic. 

7. Social sharing buttons

People love to share anything which looks interesting or hear touching on the internet. If you are providing that type of content, don’t forget to add social media buttons which will help them to share your links all over the internet. Once it is trending on the social media platforms your all hard work will be well paid in no time.


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