Evan blass has leaked a image of moto g5 plus since leaks of moto g5 plus started increasing more and more along with rumours of it. He leaked this image of moto g5plus and also told that this moto g5 plus will be available in US market but there is no confirmation of its young ones the moto g5.

Moto G5 plus
Leaked image of moto G5 Plus

This is the first clear image of moto g5 plus which is now trending all over the internet and yes we are thankful to evan for it. This is the new design of moto g4 plus’s successor which moto is giving a name as moto g5 plus.
This image is a international version of moto g5 plus which is having a round camera, cureved edges, a home button which is bigger than the old one.

It is expected to launch with a 5.2 inch QHD display,  a giant 3000mah battery which supports quick charging, a powerful 12 mega pixel camera on the back, Latest version of Android OS which is Android nougat will be installed when you buy it, A fingerprint scanner which is bigger and more convenient, The device will be powered with mid range snapdragon 825 processor as we have seen in the Z series and it is sure that moto will continue it in this phone aswell.

Price and More :
It is set to be priced at $250 and its younger brother is expected to be priced at $200. Both of these phones are expected to be launched on 26th February at the mobile world congress in Barcelona. Since moto is a very big company we all are having very big expectations with this company to launch a decent good looking, and a phone with a decent price so we can happily spend our money in it thinking that our money is not being wasted in buying this phone.


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