As we have seen nokia 5 costed $200-$210 while the nokia 3 will be more cheaper than nokia 5. It will be approximately $50 cheaper than nokia 5. In nokia 3 we will get same 5.2inch 720p screen, a 13 megapixel primary camera and a 5 megapixel secondary camera.
The main downgrade in this which is really noticeable is that nokia 5 contains snapdragon 430 and nokia 3 will contain snapdragon 425.

This phone looks to be copied phone of nokia 5 but with low specifications or good specifications somewhere. The only difference between them being the processor. While the Nokia 5 might come with an Octa-core processor, Nokia 3 might just make do with a Quad-core processor along with an Android Marshmallow operating system.

Nokia 3

That (if true) will make the Nokia 3 a strictly entry-level offering, though the price suggests something a bit higher up the pecking order and also people will struggle to order this great smartphone as we have seen in xiaomi devices, we all have suffered from the flash sales from which it is almost impossible to buy same will happen with nokia 3.
As we have seen nokia was a great company before it was sold to Microsoft inc but as it is a great and very big comeback by Nokia so its fanboys and users are really expecting something very big from Nokia and we have already seen Nokia 6 whose video was famous all over the web that it can break walnuts without getting damaged, dont know it was true or it was a fake video but we are really expecting something really big from nokia and lets see if nokia 3 can fill up our demands in a budget smartphone.

It will be launched in india for approximately 15 thousand rupees later
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