Samsung, a South Korean Multi-National Company. It is one of best known smartphone and electronic companies in this modern era and yes its last flagship galaxy s7 and galaxy s7edge was packed with everything we needed in a smartphone,  What we need ? a good camera yes it is having, a good user interface – the touchwiz is very great in performance on s7 and s7e and yes it was a water resistant smartphone with IP68 rating. So Samsung will announce their flagship in first quarter of the year 2017 and which will be known or named as galaxy s8 and s8edge.  Samsung s7 was the best phone to be used and manufactured but still there is always a room for improvement and yes samsung will do it this time with the samsung galaxy s8.

We’re also collecting all the rumors and news about the phone, along with our own educated guesses, so read on for all the latest on Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

Samsung galaxy s8

When will the galaxy s8 release?

According to the latest leaks we came to know that galaxy s8 will be released by samsung in the end of the feb 2017. Some more leaks say that it will be earlier than usual.

Yes it is really very early to think of the release dates because there is no official news about it by Samsung. But still it is true that it will be released in the first quarter of this year.


Samsung Galaxy S8 News and Rumours

According to some people we came to know that samsung is working on foldable display so there maybe a chance of a legendary device by Samsung. There is also some news about the security of your data as samsung is working on a improved IRIS Scanner because fingerprint scanner is not that safe to use here is the reason suppose you are sleeping and someone comes and scans your fingerprint on your phone then he can access your phone so samsung is working on iris scanners and it is confirmed that iris scanner wont unlock the phone by scannning through photos.

Samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen

Some hottest leaks :

  • A 4K display to make videos look real
  • There will be two size variants of 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch
  • There maybe no edge version as the normal s8 will be packed with a edge display so there will be no S8 edge but S8 with edge display

Samsung is improving their display quality and there is one more reason for it. It is Virtual Reality, as we all know Samsung is having their own VR which is named as GearVR they are working on it to make it more user friendly and packed with more other features.

As we have seen in Samsung S7 that it was a QHD device there are rumours that samsung will work more on the display and push up the resolution of thier display that too as much as a 4K display.

Samsung will have a OLED display which is a lot better than Retinca LCD display on Apple iPhone 7 and 7plus and there are rumours that Samsung s8 will have fingerprint backside of the screen not in the front side of the screen as we have seen in the all older samsung phones that its a watermark of samsung with one front button at the bottom of the screen but it will be changed this time and there will not be any physical button in the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

Samsung will not change their design that much but it will be changed a little bit it will be similar to the design we have seen in galaxy s7 and the galaxy s6 it will have curved display and a glassy black which is best one for holding the device as it doesn’t slip from hands and looks attractive as we have seen in the iPhone 7 jetblack model which is very attractive and it will make it one of the most attractive handsets around the world.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera and Battery

As we have seen in Apple’s iPhone 7 plus it is having 2 back cameras one is for normal photos and one is a telephoto lens so same like this and according to some hottest leaks samsung s8 will have 2 back cameras with f/1.4 aperture and other one with f/1.7 aperture. As there will be dual lens camera we can expect samsung to be providing a better zoom and more focus effects this time in s8 and also the camera will be between 20-24megapixel.

The extra width could allow more and more light to enter in the lens and could make photos more real and more natural.

The front facing camera will be also improved in the galaxy s8 as compared to galaxy s7 as the galaxy s7 is having a 5 mega pixel camera but the s8 will have a 8 megapixel camera resulting in more and more selfies.
As the samsung s6 was having very less battery life it was really improved in the galaxy s7 but now it will be more improved in the galaxy s8 as the rumours are there that there will be a 4200 mah battery in the galaxy s8 lasting more than a day.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Os and processors 

As we have seen samsung releases two models of the same phone with Exynos and snapdragon processors so this will be the same in the galaxy s8 we will have

  • A 3GHz Exynos 8895 processor in some regions
  • A 3.2GHz octa-core snapdragon chip in the other regions
  • This phone will contain 6GB of ram

However snapdragon 830 is not official yet but it is announced that samsung s8 will be packed up with it only

Samsung Galaxy S8 Other features

  • Usb type C
  • Iris scanner
  • A mini projector
  • Smart glow

Some reports show that it is final that iris scanner will be there in the galaxy s8 as there was in the galaxy note 7 but also suggested we’ll see an iris scanner, along, oddly, with a mini projector, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities and a microSD card slot.

As we have seen smart glow in samsung j2 we will see the same in the galaxy s8 along with more features like heart rate reading etc. Other than those features, a reversible USB Type-C connector is likely now it’s appeared in the Galaxy Note 7, and Samsung is likely to continue offering the features its flagships are known for, like a fingerprint scanner, an always-on screen (with enhancements), a microSD card slot and a waterproof body.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price

Samsung galaxy s8 will be more expensive then the s7 becuase it is having more features

So far it is rumoured that its price will be approx $850 in USA.

If we forgot to mention anything comment that in the comments below.


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