YouTube is no longer just a website Its an Industry full of fame, celebs,careers and awards. It has made rich people out of the girls and guys next door. Who says you cant be the one of them? Check out the guide below on how to turn your dream of becoming one of the best YouTuber into reality and create a successful YouTube channel

successful youtube channel

A successful YouTube channel what you need?

Start with why?

Before even thinking about getting going, you need to ask yourself – Who, what, when, why, where, and How?

Who will watch my videos?

How big is my potential audience? Like your friends, will they watch your videos? Your group members, Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc. How much audience or traffic you can create with your present connections?

What type of content i create?

You can choose many fields and can create on of the many different types of videos. If you are not that shy type of guy you can go for vlogs, if you know much about tech you can create a tech YouTube channel and if you like singing you can create a music channel, you can create a channel of any type you like!

When have people done this before in past?

If you are looking for a huge number of audience then you need to think differently like take an example of tech channels do you even know 60% of YouTube is filled with it and that’s why not everyone usually gets more views and subs because they have very hard competition, so think differently and think of a topic which is unique!

Why do i want to start?

Do you passion to make videos and upload it? Will you be regular in making videos? Do you have a camera and a mic and other things set for the channel?
Where do i want this to lead me?

Before starting anything you need to set a goal that what you want to do so you will focus on it more rather than thinking this is enough that is enough.
How will i keep growing this

Since everything keeps on updating and yes the audience like what they see or read to be updated so do you know how you can keep on updating the quality of your videos?

Most popular categories on YouTube

Here are some categories you should choose from for a successful YouTube channel


if you like singing you can become a musician and start making cover videos of some famous songs


if you are a hardcore gamer then you can make a gaming YouTube channel where you play games and say your experience like what are feeling etc

People and personalities

like you can make YouTube channel on peoples and personalities which are very famous all over the world


this is the most searched thing on YouTube as people want to watch comedy videos so you can make vines or can make comedy videos with your friends


as i already told technology is the most popular thing on YouTube so you can start making tech videos review channels etc.

Where do you slot in? 

Choose wisely any of the fields which is best for you and start working hard on it with best quality content.

Getting started 

Here are somethings you need to create a successful YouTube channel!

Channel name 

Would you rose by any other name still smell as sweet? Nope.

When it comes to youtube, unfortunately not. You need a catchy name that holds a strong brand and identity, something unique that people will remember and be insatiably attracted to.

Look at Pewdiepie, smosh, MKBHD, and more. These are fun names that are easy to remember – you want to avoid long and complex titles that just irritate your potential audience.
“We live in a world of visual stimulation and you need to harness that”

Setup Profiles

To grow a sustainable fan base you need to be active on multiple social media platforms. In other words, make sure your username of choice is available on all of them which is very difficult but you need to do it!

Register your Domain

If you really want to create a lifestyle of glitz and glam, you will need a professional website with a registered domain name.Asap

All of the biggest YouTube stars do it, and so should you. You don’t want ugly trolls claiming your unique name, right?

Take care of branding

As i told you earlier that visual stimulation is key.
You need a killer logo to backup your killer brand, to make your content different from others distinctive and also easily recognizable.
Also make sure you have uploaded your profile picture which is also known as dp that shows of your best angle that you make high class videos, a striking channel art, and also a good and sweet watermark on all of your videos!

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Investment is necessary!

You need to invest in equipments because filming with the old camera’s which were famous in 80s and 90s wont work on YouTube because people will see the quality of video you make and it is very necessary to buy a DSLR or a semi SLR if you are low on budget and buy it this is very necessary to create a successful YouTube channel so but it ASAP!
Here are some types of cameras and their details so you can choose which one to buy


These are slightly pricy but this will boost up the quality of your videos and also the number of people who watch your videos.

Point and shoot :

These mini cams maybe small and light but these are the best to take pictures in the landscape mode.

Mirror less digital camera :

These cameras combine the quality and specs of point and shoot cameras, with the excellence of DSLR.


A standard lens kit will get the job done if you want to go above and beyond that!

Canon 1.4 

Great for both stills and video with killer depth effect

Sigma 18-35 mm f/1.8:

Sharp wide and high quality perfect for video shoots

You also don’t want to slack on decent lightning equipment eg soft box and audio equipment as well as a decent tripod.

Produce content 

In order to get famous you need unique content and there are lot of famous YouTubers in the world and i agree that it is very difficult to make unique content and grow audience numbers but it is not impossible in doing so. To increase your view counts and other things just follow the several rules below! To create a successful YouTube channel

Stay keyword focused :

Try to create content which is 100% related to your focused keyword and always remain up to date on any information or news about your focused keyword and try to make videos of it regularly.

Click-bait Titles :

Yes you need it, if you really want your audience to view your videos for example what will you click on? “My grandpa’s weekend” or “My grandpa jumped out of a plane”

Collaboration :

This is the best way to grow your fan base and increase the number of audience as if you collaborate with a person who is having more subscribers then you than you can get a lot of audience from his channel if you do a video with him.

MonetiZation :

You can make up to 6$ from every 1000 views on your channel but some people may even earn as low as 0.10$ it all depends on the type of content you have.

Other Methods to monetize your content

Brand sponsorship :

You can ask a particular brand to sponsor your any one video so you will get money from them for that video.

Affiliate marketing :

Online shopping sites have a program of affiliate marketing which pays up to 10% on every sale from your link so you can do that and add you affiliate links in the description of your videos.

Succes tips :

Name your audience:

The bro army, swifties, little monsters, these are the names given by big YouTubers to their audience so that they can feel more like a family.

Post regularly: 

If you go on weeks without uploading the chance of losing your subs is very high as people want new content every time so keep on uploading videos and also don’t upload too many videos at a time.

Attend conferences:

Just like others YouTube is also having its own awards and conferences so try attending as many as you can so you will become popular there and you will be able to make more friends and then you can collaborate with them.

May all these things help you in creating a successful YouTube channel.


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