If you are facing problems while using your system or you are not happy with the speed of your computer system, then this post is for you. In this post we are going to share some tips and tools which can make your computer using experience better. Now there is no need to reset your system every time to make it work better. Just read the below section carefully to find out some common problems and their solutions.

Common Problems

  1. Virus Attack: It is the most common problems we all face in our daily life. Users who download things from the non-trusted sites are the common victims. Alternately, a system can get infected from infected storage devices too. Hence there are many ways through which we can protect our system, such as:
    a.    Stop using untrusted sites.
    b.    Start Using Antivirus programs like Bitdefender which is one the best antivirus solutions available on the market.
  2. Annoying Ads: While surfing the net we also face some major issues and ads are one them. While surfing any site we have to visit some ads, and these ads can be very annoying, we can get rid of these annoying ads by using a browser add-on such as Adblocker. These types of add-ons block unwanted ads.
  3. Ransomware Attack and Other Online Fraud: Today’s internet is full of frauds and hackers which are waiting to enter your system and steal your precious information. You can get complete security from these types of intruders with the help of some Internet Security Suites provided by some top companies like Norton, AVG, Bitdefender, etc. Most of the Internet Security Suites comes with some other essential features like firewall filter, anti-phishing, etc.
  4. Slow PC: Well this is the most common problem which we face and to get rid of this problem we always format our system, and this is not a good thing at all. You can go with some PC Optimizer tools which can help in improving the processing speed of the system. These tools check for regular updates for the system to ensure that system get up to date. These applications always kill unwanted apps in the background to free up some RAM.



Now let us share some tips with you through which you can improve your computer using experience. Read the following points carefully and take action accordingly.

  1. Free up space: Always give your system extra space to work smoothly. Don’t fill your system with unnecessary data. Delete unwanted movies or song files. Or you can also get some additional space just by deleting temporary files. Just click ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ and type ‘temp’ or ‘%temp%’ to access these files.


  2. Improve the computer speed: If you are not happy with the speed of your system, then it is advised to check the following settings. You can unselect the box, in this case, the system will increase the use of processors whenever it wants or else you can set the number of processors. Look at the below screenshot for our PC – we are using the maximum number of available processors. Restarting Windows can also help in some cases.

  3. Remove System Slowing Apps: If you go to your Apps and Features setting in your system, you can always find out some of the expired or unwanted tools there which work (or may not work) in the background and consume memory. You can uninstall such programs from here and can get rid of those bottlenecks.

  4. Updates: To get best out of your OS and installed tools like antivirus, etc. it is always advised to check updates regularly. Update your OS frequently to get the latest improvements and features. Update your system to get the most recent security features released by the OS maker.
  5. Trust: Never download data from untrusted sites. As most of the time, you will get virus attack or adware attack in return.

    We hope you have read all of the above points carefully and will take action accordingly.  Before saying goodbye here is another pro tip: always make a backup of your data and your expensive Windows license for any future emergency.


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