Top 5 Virtual gaming gadgets you must have. Sure, you still remember those Gameboy and Mario days, right? But changes are always good.

With ultimate advancement in science & technology, there is a noticeable change in the techniques, gadgets and the set-ups of gaming accessibilities. The old Gameboy gadgets are legends but this newly introduced Virtual Gaming technology is nowhere lacking. From Perception Neurons to Wearality Sky, there is so much to gaming, gadgets you cannot even imagine exists.

Here is a little sneak-peak to the best Virtual Gaming Gadgets you must have for a better experience.

Incredibility with ANTVR KIT:

Ever went for those virtual 5D rides? Such incredible experience! That exclusive technology is now available for the gamers, packed with extreme features which makes it a must have.

The ANTVR Kits consist of a virtual reality headset, a video driver box, remote control and lithium batteries. The VR headsets gives you a full HD gaming experience on the largest 4:3 standard screen. Experience a 100 Degree diagonal view and the superb Intertial Measurement Unit for head movement tracking.

With the 2D or 3D dimensional options, you can actually have the amazing gaming experience at your home with these fully equipped Virtual gaming kits.

Coming to the Transforming remote controller: Transformable because you can use it as a gamepad, gun or joystick. There is this positional tracking which enables it to work for any body type.

Efficiency of GAMING MOUSE:

Of course, you are aware about the desktop mouse. But what about a mouse with additional features for highly intensified gaming?

A Gaming mouse is basically a desktop mouse with advance features to ease and interest the gamers. There are types of gaming mouse with different features like programmable buttons which gives to access to some particular functions, actions in virtual gaming; Mouse with Dot per inch technology which shows the exact movement made by you mouse. It is like a cross movement function where the higher DPI gives more movement to the mouse with less hand movement.

Greater technology asks for an amount to be spent which can be a huge expense at times. You can look for Aliexpress offers to entertain you with discounts and more for your shopping. You can avail these gaming mouse gadgets in wired and wireless types, whatsoever suits the convenience. The high-quality design and in-built sensors are enough to have a classy gaming time.

Touch and feel with OCULUS TOUCH:

Oculus touch is a virtual gaming gadget which gives you the “touch” of reality in a mirage. It is a kind of controller designed for the gamer to experience the hand presence which means that the user will get a feeling that his virtual hands are actually his own hands.

What else can be better than going under an experience of playing in the game with your own hands rather than playing with a lifeless gadget?! There are two controllers, one for each hand, which captures the feeling of firing with a gun. The sensors present in the gadget recognizes the hands poses such as waving, pointing, thumbs-up and high fives.

STEM SYSTEM technology:

What if you “actually” play the game when you aren’t “actually” playing? So cool, isn’t it?

Stem System is a hike to the virtual gaming experience which tracks the motion of the body and lets the gamer interact with the inside of the game. This system is content with Sixense Motion Creator which ensures the free flow and track of full body movements for desktop gaming or VR. The whole idea is not just to experience but to live the gaming world without any distraction or interruption from your real world. Through this, you can actually feel your body co-acting with the character in the game world.

Yes, these high-level technologies are a little complex but they have the potential to light up your senses for gaming zones.

WEARALITY SKY for 3D world view:

The next best gadget for virtual gaming is a Wearality Sky. As the name Wearality suggests, you actually get to you “wear” the “reality” and experience the world as a 3D canvas.

This product consists of a headwear with lightweight body which renders the gamers an ultra-wide field view. It is the most convenient gadget which can be folded and fits in your pocket easily. Wearality Glasses works with mobile phones of 5” to 6” inches.

Basically, the lenses of these glasses let you see the mobile screen half from each lens. There is this outer housing which prevents light bleed and resists your view from the edges of the screen. So, this will give you a high-definition view of the gaming screen with utmost clarity and resolution.

Amazing, isn’t it? How our childhood games have evolved into these giant gaming consoles and virtual gadgets. Definitely there are cons of technology but the pros are still bigger and better.

These high-end gadgets are food to a gamer’s soul. Do not resist the urge of getting this heightened technology. Get started the play spree with these enormous virtual gadgets which will not only land you into exclusivity but will also present you the full of life gaming experience. 


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